Lake Minnetonka Triathlon
on Excelsior Bay - Saturday, June 16, 2018


Swim: This unique 1/2 mile swim goes along the shore of Lake Minnetonka (not an out and back swim) so that spectators can view the entire swim from the hillside above. Water temperature at this time is typically a comfortable 70-78 degrees, however wetsuits are legal.

Bike: The 15 mile (out and back) ride is mostly flat with some rolling hills and goes through Carver County. All cyclists must observe MN traffic laws. ANSI or SNELL approved hard-shelled helmets are required. Drafting is prohibited.

The route is as follows: Depart on Lake Street, veer onto Mill Street (which becomes Powers Boulevard), turn right onto W. 78th Street, right onto Galpin Boulevard, right onto Lake Lucy Road and continue to the turn around and ride back.

Please review the course ahead of time so you are clear on the turns, particularly the intersection of Lake Street and Mill Street.

Run: 3 miles along the shores of Lake Minnetonka on the Three Rivers Park light rail trail.  The trail is very flat and made of hard pack clay.

Please note: Wearing headphones during the bike or run portion of the race is strictly prohibited.